Thursday, January 20, 2011

And then there was Facebook philosophy.

Facebook is delightful and Mark Zuckerberg is something of a legend. Just when you think , 'Ah , now it's losing some of its sheen ' , you are rudely awakened by some ten-odd friend requests from enemies of acquaintances of kidergarten friends, not to mention an invitation to two or three pages named after rare and creative passions of the owner, for example ' I love hitting the snooze button on my cellphone alarm ' and  ' I fall asleep, everyday, on the last bench of the classroom'. With a little browsing, you will find that the fifteen-year-old  female acquaintances you may have  collected are now loudly proclaiming their love for each other through status updates and that potential romances with boys of that tender age are  being addressed by adding the concerned parties as 'siblings' . I'm still trying to fathom what that means because in my time , a sibling was not looked at romantically.
Today , though , while I was scrolling through my Wall , I found the secret to a healthy life in an acquaintance's post. Rather, a Lady(so shall l refer to her henceforth) had shot out a post of psychological penetration so deep that I had the secret chucked between my rather large nose and my somewhat smaller mouth. I felt the impact , and had to have  a snifter before I was myself again.

This Lady has always surprised me. She is of breathtaking beauty and oozes confidence , but that is where the oozing ends. She is fond of her voice, but when the voice speaks , it goes on and on , when it sings , it goes off. I therefore, try to avoid her company.
On Facebook though , she is a philosopher in the Stephenie Mayer mould. Deep and intense observations on Life are always at hand. 'If I had been killed by what made me strong , I would be dead and unable to make all of you strong' was greeted with fifteen 'likes', overwhelmingly male, and some thirty odd comments, in which this gem was discussed , analyzed , praised and  exalted.
'The sea called life passes you by before you have time to realise that waves are never stationary and eventually break' was a cause for much heartburn because even the Lady's fans had a problem understanding the Lady's English. I myself, have gone through it with a magnifying glass , devoted hours of study to it and have come away with four puns, an allegory , three metaphors and a simile. For the detailed analysis, please visit and take your pick.

However, today's post needs no analysis. It is  simple and powerful and will give you all you need to fight life's worst curse. All in a tremble , I quote The Lady :
'Smoking kills. If you're killed, you have lost a very important part of your life.'

I have quit smoking.


  1. Hahahahaha. But please, a screenshot of the said 'status update'?

  2. Ah, but that would reveal the name of the Lady. Can't have that, can we?