Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Steve Jobs is one of those chappies who knows how to make a point. If you ever doubted the fact that Apple has been born of Steve Jobs, nursed by Steve jobs and milked by Steve Jobs, you need to watch him unveiling everything new that is Apple. That wonderful first person singular pronoun flows off his lips like his very own inner being.  iPod . iOS. iPhone. iStore. iTunes. iTouch. iPad. And now, iCloud?
Touch , Pad and Cloud, indeed.
The first, to most of us, is a sense of the greatest importance. The second , those large things cricket players shove onto their legs before tooling off to bat . Alternatively, something applied to an unmentionable something, by women. The third , just one thing to most of us in this weather. Rain.
I'm willing to wager that, by 2020, we shall have iBone, iPot , iFoot and iSun. And we'll lap it up,  exclaim about its superior quality and praise the innovation of the great Jobs.
Because, ultimately, when something is packaged brilliantly, wrapped in shiny metal and radiating sunshine , we go ga-ga over it. It's our nature , we're human beings. And Apple has mastered the art of doing this, in addition to giving whatever utility they give, with a lot of foofaraw . Repetition , particularly cheesy, catchy repetition , has its effect.
What was the iPhone's Retina Display Caption? "960 by 640 by Wow". It doesn't matter if you just felt an excruciating pain in your stomach. You are never going to forget the caption.
Alas. My next phone is probably going to be an iPhone.

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